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You have an under-achieving portfolio. Whether you are an institution, a family office, a business owner or professional, we have a solution for that: disciplined value investing. Your portfolio may be suffering from performance chasing. You may have bought into investments (stocks, mutual funds, real estate, etc) after they’ve done well and after you’ve invested they stop performing well. Or you may have sold investments after they’ve gone down in value or under-performed. With our disciplined value investing we do the opposite, we buy more of good companies (or other investments) when they go down in value.

You are a busy business owner or professional and you spend little time picking or monitoring your investments whether you are doing it alone or with the help of advisors. We have a solution for you too. We professionally manage portfolios on a discretionary basis (i.e. we pick the investments for you), after you’ve given us a mandate (such as growth or growth and income). You concentrate on what you do best, we do the same.

We do what’s in your best interest. (Most financial advisors in Canada or the US do not operate on a best interest basis. They operate on a “suitability basis”. Their duty is to give you advice / sell you investments that are suitable for you, not necessarily in your best interest. That includes stock brokers, mutual fund salespeople and insurance salespeople. Registered (Investment) Advisers such as ourselves are the only ones permitted by law to manage portfolios on a discretionary basis and the only ones operating with your best interest in mind.

You matter. We do not have thousands of clients to look after, we manage high valued portfolios and each and every client of ours is very important to us. You call us, you get to talk to one of our portfolio managers, not an assistant, not a relationship manager not client service.

Your portfolio is fully customizable to your specific requirements and preferences. For example, you may have too much exposure to a specific company or sector through your businesses or otherwise, we can hedge your sector risk.

Your money is looked after by very highly qualified professionals. Our portfolio managers each have about 20 years experience, relevant graduate degrees advanced professional designations, publish in the media or appear on TV.

We are better than stock brokers. We don’t charge commissions, just a management fee. We don’t sell you products, put you into questionable IPOs, earn commissions from investment products. We spend our time looking after your money rather than marketing to prospects. Our main source of new clients is referrals from existing clients.

We are better than large investment management firms. For large investment managers (with over $1b under management), you are a rounding error.

We use third party custodians to safeguard your assets. Your account is held at a bank owned or major broker and we buy and sell securities there on your behalf. The account is in your name, not our name and the custodian provides statements of account directly to you as well as internet access.

Our fee is tax deductible for taxable accounts, commissions are built into the cost of investments.

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