Constantine Lycos - Portfolio Manager and Investment Advisor in Vancouver

Vancouver Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager

Constantine Lycos is the president of Lycos Asset Management Inc. where he acts as a trusted financial or investment advisor to individuals and institutions offering unbiased financial advice free of all conflicts of interest. He is also the fund manager of the Lycos Canadian Investment Funds.

Prior to founding Lycos Asset Management, Constantine Lycos was a partner, portfolio manager, investment advisor, compliance officer and head of the investment committee at Chartwell Asset Management, where he was the lead manager of the Magna hedge funds and also managed portfolios of high net worth individuals. Before Chartwell he was employed by CIBC World Markets as a Research Associate. Attached to the Private Client Division of CIBC World Markets, he conducted research focused on individual investors' needs and constraints. That research was primarily on equity investments but included asset allocation, hedging and other more sophisticated strategies. Mr. Lycos graduated top of his class in Mathematics from the University of London (B.Sc.), and earned a master's degree in Mathematical Finance from Oxford University. At Oxford he conducted research under world-renowned derivatives specialists Drs. S. Howison and P. Willmott on stock market volatility. Mr. Lycos has completed most courses offered by the Canadian Securities Institute, including the Options Licensing, Futures Licensing, Technical Analysis, Options Strategies and Financial Markets Risk Management courses. He holds the Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) and Derivatives Market Specialist (DMS) designations as well as that of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), the highest designation for investment professionals. Mr. Lycos is a fully registered portfolio manager (meaning he is licensed to advise on any kind of investment (stocks, bonds, GICs, commodities, futures, options, etc), unlike some "advisors" or financial planners that can only advise on mutual funds or insurance products). He is a member of the CFA Institute (formerly the Association for Investment Management and Research), CFA Vancouver (formerly the Vancouver Society of Financial Analysts.) and the Social Investment Organization, the Canadian association for socially responsible investment.

Mr. Lycos, despite his lengthy academic training, uses a common sense approach to investing. He believes that business ownership is the best means of wealth creation. Innovation leads to productivity improvements that result in more goods being produced using the same amount of resources or the same amount of goods being produced with fewer resources. This translates into good profits for the beneficiaries of innovation, i.e. businesses. Mr. Lycos also believes in taking a conservative approach to business ownership. That means not speculating on the next big idea, but rather look for businesses with established track records of wealth creation (i.e. high and consistent profitability), and most importantly of all only invest if the price is right. Business ownership is risky and the potential reward has to be commensurate with the risk taken. Having trained in risk management, he believes most investors today are far too willing to accept risks for the chance of high returns. He is a contrarian investment advisor and investor, buying when most others are selling and selling when most others are buying. As a result the equity portfolios that he manages usually behave differently than most investors'. They don't go up as much when the market goes up, and they also don't go do down as much when the market goes down, as can be seen by his track record. He believes in investing in the future, not the past and he thinks the future is going to be better: ethical, green, socially responsible, cruelty free companies will do better over the long term and so will their shareholders. For more details on his investment philosophy please see Our Investment Philosophy.